PS9505California Eastern Laboratories (CEL) is now shipping its new PS9505 and PS9305 series isolated gate drive optocouplers. The new family of optocouplers provides high common mode transient immunity (CMR), high output current, and fast switching times.

The PS9505, PS9505L1, PS9505L2, PS9505L3 and PS9305L are optically coupled isolators. On the input side, they contain a GaAlAs LED. On the output side, they contain an integrated receiver containing a photo diode, a signal processing circuit, and a power transistor.

“Our new line of isolated gate drivers offers advantages in designs that use switching power transistors such as motor control, inverters for solar cells, and induction heating. These devices offer the high output current and noise immunity of our previous generation while providing improved response time and reduced power consumption,” said Jeremy Dietz, Director of CEL’s Opto SBU. “The dual offering of standard DIP packaging and the new SDIP package allows designers maximum flexibility in meeting the robust creepage distances required in today’s industrial designs,” continued Dietz.

Technical Information
• Large peak output current (2.5 A max, 2.0 A min)
• High speed switching (tPLH, tPHL = 0.25 ?s max)
• UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out) protection with hysteresis
• High common mode transient immunity (CMH, CML = ±25 kV/?s min)

The PS9305 and PS9505 family of optocouplers are in volume production with samples available now.

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About CEL
California Eastern Laboratories ( the exclusive sales and marketing partner for products made by the Compound Semiconductor Devices Business Division (CSDBD) of Renesas Electronics Corporation. These products include wireless RFICs and discrete devices, lasers and detectors for fiber optics, optocouplers, and solid state relays. Renesas Electronics is a leader in manufacturing quality and reliability.