MicropeltMouser Electronics, Inc., known for its rapid introduction of the newest products, today announced it is stocking solid state thin film thermoelectric device evaluation kits from Micropelt, an innovator in Peltier cooler and thermogenerator devices.

Mouser’s stock of Micropelt products includes the TE-Power NODE Evaluation Kit for thermal energy harvesting. Highly modular, the kit shows how free excess heat can provide a continuous power source for low-power wireless sensing applications. The kit provides customers with an easy-to-handle plug and play wireless sensor system which allows the user to explore and understand thermal harvesting and comes complete with the thermoelectric generator TE-Power Base, various power and power modules, a low-power wireless sensor module and Texas Instrument’s USB Wireless Receiver. This simple-to-use evaluation kit lets you demonstrate thermoelectric generation within minutes of unpacking it.

Also available from Mouser is the Micropelt TE-Power PLUS Evaluation Kit, allowing the designer to determine the available power to drive low-power wireless applications by matching energy budget and duty-cycle control. Easily producing 100s of microwatts to some milliwatts, the harvester refills its extendable 100µF capacitor during the latency periods of the duty cycle. The TE-Power Plus has an integrated DC-DC converter that allows the user to set the desired voltage level based on the available gross power. To learn more about these products from Micropelt, visit

Mike Scott, Mouser Vice President of Active Products, believes the availability of Micropelt products from Mouser will simplify the verification of performance and allow the exploration of new dimensions in thermal energy harvesting. “Being able to create enough energy for a low-power burst radio from an unused, free resource, like a temperature gradient, opens new doors in the field of remote wireless sensing and control. Mouser is very excited to offer this new technology to our engineering customers worldwide.”

Wladimir Punt, VP Sales & Marketing at Micropelt sees multiple benefits. “Since their launch we have seen tremendous growth in demand for our thermoharvesting evaluation tools. Mouser’s engineering focus and logistical competence means to our US based and worldwide customers that they can start their thermoharvesting project even quicker – while we and our US engineering partner AdaptivEnergy can concentrate on providing the best possible support for systems and solutions.”

Known for its focus on design engineers with its broad product line, unsurpassed customer service, advanced on-line catalog and innovative product marketing, Mouser continuously offers customers the newest products and latest technologies for their new design projects.

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About Micropelt
Micropelt creates innovative solid state thin film Peltier cooler and thermogenerator devices that build on a scalable semiconductor platform technology. Micropelt products provide extreme power for cooling, cycling, and thermal management on a mm² scale as well as thermal energy harvesting and perpetual power supplies for self-sustained electronic devices. Micropelt solid state thin film devices target the chip spot cooling, energy harvesting, fiber optics, HVAC, and biomedical markets. Visit