DynamicSignals-DS206-207DynamicSignals today announces its new family of General Purpose DAQ products—DS206/207. Both the DS206 and the DS207 are welcome additions to the existing DynamicSignals’ family of low-cost, easy-to-use, portable data acquisition analog to digital conversion (ADC) products.

The new DS206/207 are manufactured and supported in the United States, are extremely portable (DS206 weights 1 pound and DS206 weights 15 lbs), use a simple USB or PCI and Ethernet interface and, best of all, their low cost-per-channel is never compromised by sampling rate and resolution. Both the DS206 and DS207 have a high vertical resolution of 16-bits. The 6 analog input channels of DS206 can be sampled at up to 50 kS/s simultaneously. The DS206 also provides 2 analog output channels as well as 16 general purpose digital I/O channels.

The DS207 is available in two versions. The DS207-100 can provide from 32 to 256 analog I/O channels at 100 kS/s while the DS207-250 provides 8 or 16 channels of simultaneous sampling at 250 kS/s with built- in bridge signal conditioning for each channel.

Superior to their counterparts, however, the DS206 and the DS207 provide complete outof- the-box solutions by combining hardware and software to form a complete system.

These systems can be custom-built to suit the customer's own data acquisition needs. Featuring plug-and-play functionality, all of the DynamicSignals portable DAQ products include its daView software to get a system up and running quickly. daView provides immediate access to all of an instrument’s capabilities and features through a simple point-and-click graphical user interface (GUI), and it also allows the user to easily construct fully integrated multi-instrument systems, with no programming required.

The ease-of-use and portability of DS206/207 provide the ideal solution for data logging, OEM for embedded systems, research and development and manufacturing/production testing.

The DS206 family starts at USD$800. The DS207 starts at USD$50 per channel for its - 100 series and USD$650 per channel for its -250 series.