Intel ATOM Z540 Processor BoardMaynard, MA - Orchid Technologies Engineering and
Consulting, Inc., designs Intel ATOM Z540 Processor Board

Low power Intel Atom Z540 Processors are breaking new ground. Power
conscious, embedded computing designs can now benefit from the enormous
compatibility of Intel IA32 CPU architecture. Orchid Technologies has
integrated Atom Z540 Processors into industrial controller applications,
vision system applications, communications processors, and handheld
devices. Our clients benefit by using industry standard software in
their custom applications. Atom Z540 Processors bring truly advanced
computing to the embedded product world.

Critical to the success of any custom Atom Z540 Processor board design
is the Embedded Controller. Orchid has developed and ported numerous
Embedded Controller designs. These designs, based on Renesas 2117 and
Renesas 2472 H8 processors offer ACPI, PS2 Keyboard, and Power
Sequencing services.

Intel Atom Z540 Processors require BIOS software customization and
porting. Orchid Technologies can customize a BIOS for your embedded
application’s specific needs. Working with core BIOS, we will port and
write firmware for your specific needs.

Visit to view recent designs. Contact Paul
Nickelsberg, President and CTO of Orchid at 978-461-2000 or email for more information.