Schaumburg, IL - The Misumi 3D CAD Model library in CD-ROM format is now available upon request, free of charge, to machine builders, automation system designers and product design engineers. The compact disks contain native CAD drawings of literally thousands of mechanical components offered in Misumi’s 2009 Catalog.

This FREE two CD set provides users with a fast and convenient way to download native CAD drawings of Misumi components right to their PC and import them into various CAD applications, without the need to register on Misumi’s Website. Easy to use and access, the CAD drawings eliminate the time and labor that would otherwise be required to generate engineering drawings in-house.

With this powerful tool, engineers gain the ability to configure a part to precise tolerances and specifications ? including critical dimensions, material and surface treatments ? and download the native CAD file of the component into the assembly model. Once finalized, they can enter the order using Misumi’s Web Ordering system (with no minimum order required), and input a part number, which will then become a purchased item and stored by that part number for future orders.

According to Frank Bowman, engineer and designer for Betz Contracting & Machining, a Misumi machine builder customer, “Receiving a custom-ordered part from a vendor and being able to integrate it into our equipment without having to do any in-house work or modification on it is quite unusual. With Misumi, we don’t have to worry about that ? we get exactly what we order, every time.”

Daniel Shirkey, business development manager of Orbitform Group, a manufacturer of standard and custom forming, fastening and assembly machinery, notes: “The time we save by downloading the model helps to shorten the overall duration of the design process. We estimate these downloads typically result in cost savings amounting to 15 to 40 percent, and time savings in the 50 percent range.”

Those interested in ordering the Misumi 3D CAD CD’s can enter a request at the Misumi USA website,  

For a complete list of available components, please visit