2009-tech-awards-logo-webEvery year, ECN honors the very best in products and technology with its Reader's Choice Tech Awards. This year saw a strong field of candidates, and it came down to the wire. The votes have been talied and the winners have been what are you waiting for? Scroll down for the winners of the 2009 Reader's Choice Tech Awards.



Boards/Modules & Embedded Systems

Proxicast3G-sumSelf-Powered 3G System Provides WiFi Hotspot In a Box
Designed to provide mission-critical wireless communications, Proxicast's Cell-PAK 3G + Wi-Fi HotSpot in a box is a wireless "grab & go" solution that provides mobile wide-area cellular Internet connectivity...

Electromechanical/Mechanical Devices

CK_SensoNav-sumNavigation Switch Combines Sensitive Touch and Tactile Technology
C&K Components’ Sensonav 14-function navigation switch combines sensitive touch and tactile functions while guaranteeing an extended life span of 1 million actuations per direction. According to the company, SensoNav is compatible with standard SMT lines and doesn’t require power consumption.


Integrated Circuits

Dialog_ec94ic602a-sumPower Management IC Offers High Configurability
Dialog’s DA9052 power management IC supports all major families of application and mobile graphics processors. Up to 14 power supplies, 16 GPIOs, and other system functions in different operating modes help reduce power consumption...


Optoelectronics and Displays

CR1526-XP-G-image-PR-sumLighting-Class LED Features 345 Lumens/Watt
Cree’s cool white XLamp XP-G LED provides 139 lumens and 132 lumens per Watt at 350 mA. Driven at 1 A, the XP-G produces 345 lumens which is 37 percent brighter and 53 percent more efficient than the brightest XR-E LED. The XP-G LED has the highest lumen density of any available lighting-class LED...


Packaging and Interconnects

ITT_Chip_on-Flex-sumChip-on-Flex Filter Connectors Tout TVS Surge Suppression Capabilities
ITT Interconnect Solutions enhanced its Chip-on-Flex (CoF) filter connectors with TVS Surge (TVSS) suppression capabilities. The filter design features one standard flex per layout and uses a flexible circuit internal to the connector, with chip capacitors surface-mounted on a small pad adjacent to the feed-thru contact. 


Passive and Discrete Components

Microsemi-CoolMOS-900V-sumPower MOSFET With Superjunction Technology Provides 900V
Microsemi has introduced a 900V COOLMOS switching MOSFET for high power, high performance applications. The new device has what is said to be the highest voltage available in superjunction technology...


Power Sources

XP Power-CCM250-Medical-sum250W AC-DC Power Supply Reaches 95 Percent Efficiency
XP Power announced a 250W AC/DC power supply, the CCM250, that achieves up to 95 percent efficiency in medical, IT and industrial systems. The high efficiency means that it is said to reduce or eliminate the requirement for heat sinks, or fans for forced-air cooling. Both conducted and radiated emissions are below Class B limits as defined by EN55011.



Hillcrest-Loop-Pointer-sumMotion Control Device Adds Pizzazz to Web Surfing
The Loop Pointer is a disc-shaped device applicable in a wide range of media apps. There’s a left click (‘select’), a right click (‘back’), and a scroll wheel. Unlike the WiiMote and various other motion control devices, the Loop Pointer suffers no line-of-sight restrictions. Simple flicks of the wrist send the pointer across the screen.


Test and Measurement

hand_white1-sumInline Gigabit Network Analyzer Provides Comprehensive Test and Analysis Capabilities
Psiber Data Systems launched a handheld Network Analyzer that features protocol analysis, packet capture, traffic generation, cable testing and IPv4/IPv6 support. The LANEXPERT uses a color touch screen interface, and the Inline Mode allows users to non-intrusively monitor network traffic (10/100/1000BaseTX) to identify protocols, port usage, VoIP statistics and network use. The LANEXPERT can capture and store up to 10,000 packets...


Energy Efficiency

AdvancedEnergy_Solaron500500E-sumSolar Inverter Offers 97.5 Percent CEC-Weighted Efficiency Rating (Pending)
Designed for utility-scale installations, Advanced Energy Industries’ Solaron 500 kW inverter features a durable, transformerless, grid-tie design, converting raw DC power from solar-cell arrays to high-quality AC-grid electricity. With its robust controls and patented, soft-switching technology, the Solaron inverter achieves 97.5 percent CEC efficiency (pending)...