LNA accepts TV for handheldsSanta Clara, Calif. — NEC is now shipping its new uPD5740T6N low noise amplifier (LNA), a wideband IC with a bypass/through function, available through California Eastern Laboratories (CEL). This high performance LNA is designed for receiving broadcast TV on mobile phones, smart phones, and other hand held devices.
The 5740 is designed for low voltage and low current consumption, thereby extending hand-held battery life, while its small package size makes it easy for handset manufacturers to utilize when board space is limited. The LNA switches from amplification mode when receive signals are weak to bypass mode when receive signals are strong, extending battery life while delivering high quality video to the end user.

Newport Media Partnership
Newport Media, Inc., a leading developer of mobile TV video ASICs for handsets, reviewed several potential partners before choosing CEL based on the 5740’s high performance. The new LNA is now standard on several of Newport Media’s mobile TV reference designs.

Other applications
The new LNA is also applicable for short range wireless systems in the 450 MHz, 868 MHz and 900 MHz frequency ranges, including applications such as smart meter, smart grid, and wireless security.

Technical Information
Frequency: 0.05 to 1 GHz
Supply Voltage: 2.8 V
Control Voltage: 1.0 V
LNA Mode at 770 MHz: Icc = 5mA, NF=1.5 dB, Gp=13.5 dB, IIP3 = +2 dBm
Bypass Mode at 770 MHz: Icc = 1uA, Insertion Loss = 1.3 dB, IIP3 = + 30 dBm
Package: 6pin TSON, 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.37 mm

Pricing and Availability
The uPD5740T6N is shipping now. Pricing is $0.48 in quantities of 100,000. Evaluation boards are available.
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