Commercializing 1005 Size, 10 μF Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has commercialized 1005 size (1.0 x 0.5mm), 10 μF monolithic ceramic capacitor.

This new model provides the same 10 μF capacitance as the previous 1608 size (1.6 x 0.8mm) model at 75% reduced volume. Its small size and large capacitance contribute to making equipment smaller and lighter.


As small mobile equipment such as mobile phones become more advanced-featured, the number of components increase requiring reduction in mounting spaces. There are strong demands, especially, for smaller, large-capacitance monolithic ceramic capacitors.

The newly commercialized 1005 size, 10μF capacitor is small with large-capacitance, contributing to reduced mounting spaces and lower-profile equipment.


  • We have realized small 1005 size (1.0 x 0.5 x 0.5mm) with large 10 μF capacitance by introducing leading-edge material technology and processing technology to achieve the top level thinness in dielectric devices and internal electrodes in the industry.
  • Being able to tape 2.5 times as densely as the previous 1608 size contributes to reducing taping waste as well as transportation and storage costs.
    →Forφ180 reels 1005 size: 10,000 units/reel, 1608 size: 4,000 units/reel
  • Weight of the component is approximately 1/4 of the 1608 size contributing to making equipment lighter.
    →1005 size: 1.6mg, 1608 size: 6.3mg


Mobile phoneã€Small mobile equipment

Part Number


Electric characteristic

Nominal capacitance 10μF
Voltage rating DC4V

External Size

External Size


It is now being mass-produced.


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