HONG KONG – The Wireless Power Consortium released today the 0.95 technical specification for review by its members and announced the launch of prototype testing at a members' interoperability test to be held on 15-17 September, 2009. The Consortium also announced that it has chosen the logo “Qi” (pronounced “chee”, meaning “energy flow”) to represent the first international wireless power standard which brings new levels of convenience to power charging in consumer electronic devices.

“In just seven months the Wireless Power Consortium has advanced the standard to 0.95 for interoperability testing and moved to trademark “Qi” as the first universal wireless power standard. These significant milestones have been achieved through strong collaboration among the Consortium members and pave the way for an accelerated 1.0 release schedule of the standard,” Camille Tang, Co-Chair, Wireless Power Consortium, Promotion Work Group said.

The interoperability test will be hosted in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, during the next Consortium meeting and is open to existing and new members joining prior to 15 September 2009.

Ms. Tang said the name “Qi”, referring to “vital energy” in Asian philosophy, was chosen to represent the international low power standard following consumer research conducted in five countries.

Ninety percent of consumers surveyed responded that they would like to see a uniform symbol placed on electronic devices to indicate that the devices are equipped with wireless power
charging. Under the Consortium’s plans, all electronic devices bearing the “Qi” symbol can be charged on any charging pad or surface marked with the same “Qi” logo. A significant majority of survey respondents said they would upgrade to wirelessly powered electronic devices.

The Consortium is establishing the global wireless power charging standard for low power devices that are 5 watts and below, such as mobile phones and personal music players.

The Wireless Power Consortium
Established 17 December 2008, the Wireless Power Consortium’s mission is to create and promote wide market adoption of an international wireless power standard for interoperability across rechargeable electronic devices. Members include ConvenientPower, Duracell, Hosiden, Fulton Innovation, Leggett & Platt, National Semiconductor, Olympus, Philips, Samsung, Sanyo, Shenzhen Sangfei Consumer Communications, ST-Ericsson, and Texas Instruments. The Wireless Power Consortium welcomes and invites all interested companies to join as members. More information can be found at