Editor's Note: With first-gen product measuring 0.4-mm² and smaller devices in the works, you could strew a handful of RFID chips on anything you wanted to tag, or even mix them into paint. 

The Mu-chip (µ-chip) is Hitachi's contribution to smart tag technology. It is a radio frequency identification (RFID) microchip that is small enough to be embedded in paper.

By using semi-conductor technology the Mu-chip provides micro-size data storage that can uniquely identify, track and authenticate any size of object.

The Mu chip requires an external antenna and being a passive tag requires no battery, thus enabling a very long lifespan.  

The Mu Chip has a 128-bit read-only memory capable of storing 1038 unique IDs and operates at 2.45-GHz frequency. The current dimensions are 0.4mm square and minimum thickness of 60 microns, however there are plans to reduce this further.

To allow the chip to work in the world of RFID it is manufactured in various tag options to enable the chip to operate in Heat and Moisture. We also embed the tag into Paper and Plastic and in some instances mount on metal (specialist tag). Incorporated in the design of the tags is the external antenna which can achieve read distances of 400 mm if required.

Click Here for the product datasheet.

Click Here for the Mu-chip product page. 

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