This podcast is a discussion of Solid-State Lighting in the international marketplace. Solid-State Lighting (SSL) is poised to change the world, or at least the way we illuminate it, and technologies such as OLEDs and LEDs are at the vanguard. In addition, SSL is also behind the latest breakthroughs in high-definition televisions and projectors, the leaders in consumer technology spending. This discussion will examine where SSL is currently being used, where it is going, and what you can do with it. Click Here to Listen to the Podcast. 

The Participants include:

 alix paultre

Alix Paultre, Editor-in-Chief, ECN Magazine


Dr. Bernhard Stapp, OSRAM (


Paul Scheidt, Cree (

TI Mario Battelo

 Mario Battello, Texas Instruments (

The roundtable covers the current state of the art and where the industry is going, seen through engineer's eyes. We also discuss what is needed for further acceptance by the market, developing trends, device challenges, and the disruption to other product areas. The duration is approximately half an hour.

The questions discussed will include the following:

1. The current state of solid-state lighting
2. commercialization
3. regulatory issues
4. Standards (performance, form factor, etc)
5. the next five years

Click Here to Listen to the Podcast.