apec 2009 floor 1 

Held this year in Washington, DC, this year's APEC was very well attended, especially considering the economy. According to the event organizers, the attendance was down from 2008, but up from 2007, about 2,000 people.



apec 2009 floor 2 

     apec 2009 floor 3

The aisles were pretty well populated, but some floor-plan flow errors trapped some exhibitors in low-traffic zones. In all, it was a very good show, with lots of new devices. It's also nice to see some of our friends in the engineering community out and about.


BI Technologies 


Among the devices on display at their booth, BITechnologies had a new resistor network they're recently developed. 







freescale apec 2009 


At the Freescale booth, one of the more interesting items was a new boost converter that could function at voltages as low as 320 mV. This is especially useful in solar power and other energy-harvesting applications. 





international rectifier apec 2009 


International Rectifier had their SupIRbuck regulators on display in various circuit configurations.




murata apec 2009 


Murata was very pleased with their new series of POL converters.







national semiconductor apec 2009 


At the National Semiconductor booth, one of the things they were proud of was their new TRIAC dimmer LED driver. SOlid-state lighting is going to become more and more prominent in the industry, and power is the other half of the equation. 







The crew at Oztek had fun with this huge power supply demo.







qspeed semiconductor 


Qspeed Semiconductor was very positive about the high efficiency of their devices.






tektronix apec 2009 


The people at Tektronix had a nice demo of their new TPS2000 Series of 'scopes.






xitron apec 2009 


Speaking of test, Xitron was showing off their line of devices as well.






acopian apec 2009


Another company expanding in the solid-state lighting driver business, Acopian was also showing it can drive the future.