Hornbeck InventorsLarry Hornbeck holds a series of patents that form the foundation for the digital micromirror device (DMD) — an array of tiny mirrors that create an image by directing pulses of “digital” light through a projection lens and onto a television, presentation, or movie theater screen. Now his work has earned a place in the limelight of the National Inventors Hall of Fame this May. This year, the Hall is recognizing the 50th anniversary of integrated circuit technology by shining the spotlight on Silicon Valley. Hornbeck and 14 other IC innovators will be inducted to the National Inventors Hall of Fame on May 2 at a ceremony in Mountain View.

The full 2009 class of inductees is as follows:

• Martin M. (John) Atalla: MOS transistor
• Alfred Y. Cho: Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE)
• Dov Frohman-Bentchkowsky: EPROM
• George Heilmeier: Liquid crystal display
• Larry Hornbeck: Digital micromirror device (DMD)
• John Macdougall, Ken Manchester: Ion implantation
• Carver Mead: VLSI method for designing chips
• Gordon Moore: Semiconductor production
• Frank Wanlass: Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS)

• Ross Freeman: Field programmable gate array (FPGA)
• Jean Hoerni: Planar process
• Dawon Kahng: MOS transistor
• Gordon Teal: Silicon transistor
 Robert Widlar: Linear integrated circuits

“Virtually every electronic device in use today relies on advances in integrated circuit technology,” says Fred Allen, Vice President of Selection for the National Inventors Hall of Fame. “By honoring the accomplishments of this year’s inductees, we are acknowledging their contributions that have done no less than make our modern way of life possible.”

You can learn more about the National Inventors Hall of Fame and read short bios of the inductees and a factsheet at