What would SID be without cool and different new display technologies and ways to use them?

microvision HUD 

This see-though display from Microvision provides a HUD for anyone from a soldier needing a SITREP to a mechanic looking up a technical manual for the engine they're working on. 

samsung LCD 

Semi-flexible displays were also all over. Here are some from Samsung.

kent reflective LCD 

This is a reflective bistable (it only uses power when changing the image) Cholesteric LCD from Kent Displays. The rugged and thin display technology will enable color e-books, among other things.

Osram curved Monitor 

LCDs weren't the only curved things. This display (to be released at the end of the year for about $5k) uses an Osram LED-based rear-projection Texas Instruments DLP light engine to create a widescreen curved image.

toshiba round LCD  NEC heart-shaped LCD 

Non-rectangular LCDs seem to have appeared out of nowhere, here evidenced by round LCDs from Toshiba and a heart-shaped screen from NEC. I can think of a ton of applications that would benefit from a non-traditional shape.

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