NI ELVIS II Prototype platformBased on LabVIEW graphical system design software, the Elvis II design and prototyping platform allows educators worldwide to provide hands-on, project-based learning with USB plug-and-play instruments and complete integration with Multisim 10.1 software for SPICE simulation. In addition, educators can use NI ELVIS II with a suite of third-party boards and curriculum resources to teach control design, telecommunications and microcontroller concepts. Backward compatible with the previous version, the platform includes features such as USB plug-and-play connectivity and 12 of the most commonly used instruments in engineering and science laboratories, including an oscilloscope, function generator, variable power supply and isolated digital multimeter. Educators and students can use Multisim 10.1 with the ELVIS II to seamlessly switch between simulated and acquired data, overlay simulated and measured data in the same instrument and use a single platform when simulating or testing to provide a holistic view of the circuit design process. In addition, custom in-circuit quizzes and a 3-D feature enable student to wire their circuits on a virtual replica of the system.

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