The SID International Symposium, Seminar and Exhibition was held May 18 to 23, 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California. The biggest trends exposed at the exhibition were OLED commercialization, microprojectors, 3D imaging, E-paper, Flexible and non-rectangular LCD, and LED backlighting of every flavor. Here are some photographs from the event. (Each image is native at 600 pixels wide)

samsung multitouch 
Pushing around a couple of images on a huge multi-touch screen at the Samsung booth. Multi-touch displays measuring from a few inches to several feet were one of the things seemed to be a must-have among exhibitors at the show.

corning glass guide 

First things first. There was an excellent primer on glass sizes at display fabs, up to Gen 8, at the Corning exhibit. Each square represents the size glass that the facility can process. The green panel in the background is the size of Gen-10 glass. Corning was also showing off their new Gorilla thin-sheet glass. It is designed such that, upon chem-strengthening, it provides device manufacturers with a highly durable, scratch-resistant LCD display cover.

GLT LED lightguide 

Speaking of LCD, LED backlighting units (BLU) for LCDs is becoming the rage. True, it is currently more expensive than a CCFL BLU, but the color gamut is significantly greater, to the point where an RGB-LED-driven LCD can exhibit a color gamut approaching half again that of the NTSC color standard. The image is of a joint  proof-of-concept between Global Lighting Technologies (GLT), Luminus, and Jabil using the PhlatLight BLU.


Here's a shot of a GLT side-lit LED-based BLU that uses 6 LEDs for over 15 thousands nits of light out the front.

cmo led-driven lcd 

Since LEDs can switch very quickly and can be individually controlled, you can now pattern the illumination to the image on the screen for significant power savings anfd increased contrast with great black levels. This LED-BLU LCD demo from Chi Mei Optoelectronics Corp (CMO) uses about 1/8 the power of a traditionally-illuminated LCD.

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