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Vertical Gyro Modules Designed For UAVs, Satellite Antenna Tracking, And More

Economical, compact, highly accurate VG380 vertical gyro modules from MEMSIC are designed for unmanned aerial vehicles, satellite antenna tracking, precision agriculture, surveying instruments, and construction equipment...

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Magnetic Sensor Provides High Accuracy For Industrial And Drone Applications

The newest member of MEMSIC’s Anisotropic Magneto Resistive (AMR) based Magnetic Sensor family, it provides the industry’s highest accuracy, lowest noise and lowest power consumption, all...

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Strain Gages Ideal for a Wide Variety of Consumer Applications

This new printed gage technology enables design engineers and manufacturers to embed pressure sensors directly onto a printed circuit board – improving robustness while reducing size and cost. This is of special interest for designs...

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Bondable Resistors Designed For Transducers

Micro-Measurements® Bondable Resistors for Transducers Now Built on Advanced Sensors Technology, Feature High-Purity Nickel MALVERN, Pa. — May 3, 2016 — To meet the growing demand for precise and reliable compensation resistors used in building transducers such as load cells, Micro-Measurements®, a Vishay Precision Group, Inc. (VPG) brand, today announced that its bondable resistors for tran...


Torque-Link Built to Fit Shafts Ranging from Two to Six Inches in Diameter

LORD Sensing – a global leader in developing embedded sensing systems – has introduced the MicroStrain Torque-Link wireless torque monitoring node. The Torque-Link’s hardened two-piece collar installs easily around rotating shafts, with embedded...


Force And Matrix Sensors Designed For Automotive Industry

Peratech's Opaque QTC® force touch sensors unlock a new generation of HMI possibilities for automotive designers and engineers. The slimline, infinitely customisable sensor system and complementary firmware address the failings in capacitive sensing whilst enabling next generation design themes, user experience, packaging benefits, and above all safety.


Torque sensor with two-digit microsecond response time

KONUX developed a new optoelectronic measuring principle for use in state-of-the-art applications such as collaborative robots. KONUX is currently releasing torque sensors that have less than 1 microvolt of noise even in the low torque range. They are suitable for use in realtime class 3 control processes due to their two-digit microsecond response time. Additionally, KONUX sensors are able to...

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Multi-component force plates support clinical gait, running, and balance analyses

Kistler has announced the Type 9260AA, a portable multi-component force plate, designed to make high-accuracy measurements of ground reaction force, moment and center of pressure, in support of clinical gait, running and balance analysis applications.


Sensors measure vibrations and displacements from up to more than 300 meters away

Polytec has expanded its product range of non-contact measurement laser vibrometers with a new generation of sensors designed for operation over large distances. The RSV-150 Remote Sensing Vibrometer will measure vibrations and displacements on nearly any surface, from up to more than 300 meters away using an eye-safe (subject to blink reflex) Class 2 laser.


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