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Next-Generation Bluetooth Low Energy Chip Enhances Connected Technology

The new-generation Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) System-on-Chip from STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications...


Fully-Integrated RF Front-End Module Ideal For Voice Assistants, Sensors, And More

Skyworks has launched the SKY66113-11, our newest 2.4 GHz fully-integrated RF front-end module (FEM) supporting Bluetooth® Low Energy/Bluetooth Smart, 802.15.4, Thread and ZigBee® applications...


Partnership Program Enables Lamp And Luminaire OEMs

The Cortet Lighting Control Solution and its “Powered By Cortet” partnership program that enables lamp and luminaire OEMs to provide a full range of local and IoT connected control systems, integrated solutions and lighting...

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High Power RF Switch Family Launched

RF switches are microwave devices that route high frequency signals through transmission paths and can be used for diverse range of applications including WLAN, Mobile Communications, Wireless Security, Wireless Home Automation...

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High-Performance RF over Fiber Products

Micro ATX APIC’s latest high-performance RF over fiber products for telecommunications applications such as DAS, 5G, and MIMO is an integrated analog transmitter. The Micro ATX combines an...


New Scalable Pulsed L Band Amplifier

Empower RF announces the market release of the New Scalable Pulsed L Band Amplifier with an expandable system hardware architecture designed to save you money—"you buy only the power you...

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Microwave Components for Satellite Receivers and RF Communications

CEL's low cost pHEMTs (pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor) are targeted for Ku and Ka Band Satellite Receiver applications. These CEL pHEMTs are drop-in replacements to the...

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Highly Integrated RF Front-End Module

Skyworks is pleased to introduce the SKY66105-11, a new high performance, highly integrated RF front-end module (FEM) designed for high power Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM)...


New RF Switches for Radio-Equipped Products

CEL is introducing a variety of new RF switches that have been designed as easy drop-in replacements for a wide range of existing RF products as well as for new designs. Target markets...

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A Smart Home System for Any House

Levarys’ new Luna Smart Home System consists of stylish thermostats, smart radiator valves; temperature, door and window sensors, and smart plugs that are wirelessly connected to the gateway...

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BLE 4.2 Module Delivers Enhanced Security for EIoT

Laird’s new BL652 module simplifies RF design and certification efforts for EioT (Enterprise Internet of Things) projects while delivering enhanced security via the Nordic nRF52 Chipset and BLE 4.2 technology...

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GaN RF Transistor FamilyOffers Solutions for Mobile Broadband

Ampleon announced its second generation of 50 Volts 0.5 um GaN on SiC RF power transistors, dedicated for mobile broadband applications. Providing a 5 % improvement in power efficiency compared to LDMOS-based devices,...


ZigBee 3.0 Software Development Kit Designed for Gateways

Qorvo® announced the availability of a ZigBee 3.0 software development kit (SDK) for Smart Home gateways that incorporate the new GP712 radio communication controller chip from GreenPeak Technologies (now the Low Power Wireless...

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IP Core Meets Need for Ever Wider Bandwidth Monitoring

RFEL has added wideband input capability to its multi-award winning, advanced channeliser IP core, ChannelCore Flex. This meets the increasing need for ever wider bandwidth monitoring for a wide range of demanding channelisation applications...


Ultra-Low Power Silicon Network Offers Smart Home Solution

GreenPeak Technologies, one of the world’s leading low power RF semiconductor companies, announced that People Power, an award winning software company offering cloud and mobile services, has launched Presence Security which is built on...

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