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Wireless Power Development Kit Charges Devices Up To 80 Feet

Powercast's newly announced development kit contains everything manufacturers need to design wireless devices incorporating the company’s long-range wireless power technology. The kit includes Powercast’s...

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Compact Cylindrical Supercapacitors

The cylindrical supercapacitors provide high performance at la ow cost for space-constrained devices. Single-cell (2.7V) or dual-cell (5.4V) cylindrical supercapacitors deliver high peak...

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Trof Ladder Cable Tray System Offers Continuous Support

Cope, an industry leader in cable management solutions, offers the Cope® Trof Cable Tray system, a prefabricated metal structure featuring ventilated or solid bottoms welded to side rails...

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Receiver Platform Designed For Low-power Devices

u-blox announces the release of the u blox 8 GPS/GLONASS receiver platform. It complements the u-blox GNSS platform portfolio by addressing power sensitive usage, wher...

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Constant-Current Regulators Offer Efficiency, Flexibility

The BCR420U and BCR421U constant-current regulators (CCR) introduced by Diodes Incorporated provide a simple means of driving low-power linear LED strips. Target applications are those that benefit from the improved efficiency, flexibility and longer life offered by ...

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Mobile Power Distribution Substation Offers Two 75KVA Transformers

Industrial lighting specialist Larson Electronics has announced the release of a heavy duty mobile power distribution substation that features two 75K VA transformers with pin and sleeve connections. The MGS-1X480.200-2X75K-2X208.200 power distribution system from Larson Electronics is designed to provide operators with one 200 amp male pin and sleeve plug at 480 volts and two 200 amp 208Y fem...

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Three phase utility grid simulator features energy-saving regenerative power source

Intepro Systems announces the introduction of the PAS-F Series of programmable three phase utility grid simulators...

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Explosion proof portable spider box operates up to 4,000 watts of lighting

Longtime leading supplier of explosion proof lighting equipment Larson Electronics has announced the release of a ten outlet explosion proof portable spider box that allows operators to safely operate up to 4,000 watts of lighting and electrical equipment...

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Power supplies extend the useful life of U.S. Navy UYQ-21(V) Display System Consoles for more than seven years

Behlman Electronics (Hauppauge, NY) has received follow-on orders for its Model 94020 Power Supplies designed to help the U.S. Navy keep its UYQ-21(V) display systems operational. These are the latest in a series of repeat orders that began after the program started in 2007....

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3-phase switched PDUs include 415V input support

Tripp Lite (Chicago, IL) has introduced eight 3-phase switched Power Distribution Units (PDUs) in both hardwire and plug-in options that provide up to 28.8kW capacity. These new PDUs support 415V 3-phase input to the rack, a highly efficient means of power distribution....

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High-efficiency DIN rail-mount power supplies feature compact sizes

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda DRB series of DIN rail power supplies for low power applications that require less space on the mounting rail. Designed to support the growing trend for simple and economic DIN power solutions in industrial, building automation and process control applications...

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Power input modules target telecom board design

GE’s Critical Power business introduced its new PIM400 Power Input Module, positioned as simplifying the task of implementing dual redundant, hot-swappable -48-V DC power distribution. Available in a quarter-brick design (2.3” x 1.45“ x 0.54”), the module’s reduced footprint enables original equipment

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Single-phase switched power distribution units offer individual outlet current monitoring

Tripp Lite has introduced three single-phase switched Power Distribution Units (PDUs) with individual outlet current monitoring. The new switched PDUs offer users the ability to turn on, turn off, recycle or lock out power to individual receptacles as well as locally and remotely monitor each receptacle’s output power consumption.

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Power shelf includes scalability up to 8,000 W

The DongAh Elecomm 8,000W compact 2RU-high CWRS-4150A Power Shelf combines the benefits of increased power density with ease of installation and maintenance. The power system may be populated with up to four DRM-440 Rectifier Modules for power scalability up to 8,000W....

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