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Retainer Series Increases Thermal Performance

Pentair announces the release of a new Schroff retainer design, the Calmark High Thermal “HT” Card Lok. The 280HT Card Lok increases thermal performance by up to 15 percent over similarly sized Card Loks...

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Card Lok Retainers Improve Clamping Force By A Factor Of Three

Pentair announces its newly designed Schroff brand of Calmark™ Series 263HC, 265HC, and 276HC High Clamp Force Card Lok retainers. The patent-pending High Clamp “HC” force design provides an average...

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Reconfigurable Probe Station Designed For In-House Testing

D-COAX, Inc. has introduced a reconfigurable probe station (Model W4.0 x L6.5) This mini probe station is meant for the busy design engineer or technician. It’s used to test a chip or small circuit board for the project that cannot wait for the local lab probe station availability. The probe station has small footprint (X = 22 in, Y = 9 in, Z = 8 inch) and can be used at the desk or a lab. I...

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Laser marking system with mark and scanning speeds of .3 seconds

A-Tek Systems Group announces the release of the Laser Marking System (GLMS)...

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PXI multiplexer solutions rated up to 2A

Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of low cost PXI multiplexers with the introduction of the 40-635, a single slot 3U PXI module providing a range of cost effective multiplexer (MUX) configurations for general purpose test applications.

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