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Direct digital synthesized RF signal source with 1Hz to 100MHz frequency range

Saelig Company, Inc. announces the availability of the USB-stick-sized TDDS100-48 - a laboratory quality Direct Digital Synthesized RF signal source with a frequency range of 1Hz to 100MHz and a minimum of 0dBm output power that is available from its SMA female socket...

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Sweep function generators can produce sine waveforms from 0.1 Hz to 7 MHz

B&K Precision announced two new DDS (direct digital synthesis) sweep function generators, models 4007B and 4013B, which improve upon the former models 4007DDS and 4013DDS with an enhanced user interface as well as lower prices. Models 4007B and 4013B can generate sine and square waveforms from 0.1 Hz to 7 MHz and 0.1 Hz to 12 MHz, respectively.

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