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Touch Panel Features Customizable Dome Switches

Fujitsu Components America announced a new series of resistive touch panels with dome switches that are fully customizable to meet the needs of specific industrial automation and machine control applications...

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First Multi-Chip LED Creates The Right Brightness For Any Photo

For the first time, Osram Opto Semiconductors has integrated two LED chips and a lens into a single module. The compact Oslux S 2.1 multi-chip LED brings together all the company’s extensive technical expertise...


Liquid Crystal Display Adopts A Narrow Frame Design

Tianma America, Inc. has announced the introduction of a wide-format 11.3-inch LCD (888 x 408) with a narrow frame. The new product not only has a distinctive module size of 271.8 mm width x 133.0 mm height...


Infrared LEDs Target Augmented And Virtual Reality Headsets

The new SFH 4055 from Osram Opto Semiconductors is based on the company’s proven Firefly platform, used widely for LEDs in the visible spectrum. The new transmitter, Osram’s smallest side-looking infrared...


LCD Modules With Ultra-High Luminance Offer Enhanced Display Performance

Tianma NLT USA has introduced four new outdoor viewable liquid crystal displays: an 8.0-inch diagonal WVGA, a 12.1-inch WXGA, a 15.0-inch XGA, and a 15.6-inch Full HD. These modules, developed by NLT Technologies...


Thin And Lightweight Industrial LCD Module

Tianma NLT USA has announced the introduction of a thin and lightweight 15.0-inch diagonal LCD module with XGA resolution (1024 x 768 pixels, P/N NL10276AC30-53D) for industrial applications such as POS and ATMs...


Driver Module Ideal for A Variety of End-Products

Bild Innovative Technology LLC is proud to announce the BIT1012A driver module for the eMagin SXGA096 OLED microdisplay (PN EMA-101204-01). Designed with both the system integrator and user...


Capacitive Touch Display with A Built-In Integrated Circuit

American Opto Plus introduces the world's first super thin capacitive touch display with a built-in IC, which combines the Capacitive Touch Button into a Surface Mount LED Display. Following the recent...

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Programming-Free LCD User Interface for Embedded Applications

LCD Term announces the launch of its new programming-free LCD User Interface, which allows seamless and code-free integration onto ANY Embedded platform, eliminating the need to write software to control the display. The LCD Term user...

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The FLINGO Project Aims To Improve Properties of LEDs

Given the growing demands placed on the electrical, optical and thermal functionality of LEDs, engineers are paying more and more attention to the advancement of new material properties...


Circular Polarizer Has 50% Transmission Rate for Increased Display Brightness

American Polarizers, Inc. (API), a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of polarized filters and other optical products, has developed a new circular polarizer filter with a 50% transmission level...

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All-In-One PanelPC Creates An Interactive End-User Experience

DFI Tech, a provider of SWaP-optimized embedded computing solutions and board products, now offers an All-In-One PanelPC with the latest Intel processor options, integrated video camera, high-quality...

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Broadband Infrared LED Improves Food Analytics

Osram Opto Semiconductors is utilizing converter technology for infrared emitters for the first time to produce an LED that emits broadband infrared light in a wavelength range from 650 to 1,050...


New 4.3" Arduino Shields Customized For Touch TFT Display Line

Effortless touch development is obtained with Newhaven Display’s new Arduino Shields customized for their 4.3” capacitive or resistive touch TFT display line. Available in six display variations, these...

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Next Generation 5.7-Inch LCD Modules for Industrial Display Apps

Tianma NLT USA has announced the introduction of six new 5.7-inch TFT LCD modules developed by NLT Technologies, Ltd., for industrial display applications: four with VGA resolution and two with QVGA resolution...



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