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Next Generation Fan Motor Drivers to Simplify and Accelerate Appliance Design

ON Semiconductor, driving energy efficiency innovations, has announced three new devices for driving 3- phase BLDC motors via 180 degree sinusoidal waveforms...

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40V Automotive-Compliant MOSFETs Target Motor Control

Rated for operation up to +175°C, the 40V DMTH4004SPSQ and DMTH4005SPSQ automotive-compliant MOSFETs introduced by Diodes Incorporated are ideally suited for use in high ambient temperature environments. The DMTH4004SPSQ has been...


Miniature Single-Axis Mirror Positioning System

New Scale Technologies announced a new developer’s kit in its M3 micro-mechatronic product line. The DK-M3-RS-U-1M-20 is a complete piezoelectric mirror positioning system with a familiar galvo-scanner form factor, but a drastically smaller size: only 12 mm diameter including the embedded closed-loop controller. The smart stage rotates the pre-mounted aluminum-coated mirror +/- 20 degrees at up...

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Pump system features a maximum of 10 channels

DNE microtechnology and 2E mechatronic have developed a new pump system for conveying a wide variety of fluids. It combines all the benefits of different pumps, such as diaphragm, piston injection and peristaltic pumps. The aim was to develop a reliable pump with an exchangeable fluid impelling part which, due to its modular construction, is capable of conveying a variety of fluids in parallel...


Brushed DC motor family offers desirable configuration options

Maxon’s (Fall River, MA) DCX Series brushed DC motors feature high power density and low vibration. In addition to the technical highlights, the program's appeal lies in the configuration options. Motors, gearheads and encoders may be selected and ordered online. The maxon X drives family is…


Disc magnet motor presents exceptional dynamic performance

Portescap (West Chester, PA) introduced its P760 Series disc magnet motor, which is asserted to outperform standard Brushless DC motors in various applications. The thin disc magnet motor has been optimized to deliver high torque and acceleration up to 5,000 rpm.


Brushless DC motor is ideal for double-sided applications

The KinetiMax 32 EB DS is a very compact outer-rotor brushless DC motor with a dual output shaft. The 32 EB DS is designed with a heavy duty bearing system capable of handling high side loads on each output shaft.High quality components ensure a minimum operating life of 20,000 hours.


Mini DC servo controller suits PMDC motors containing Hall effect sensors

maxon precision announced a new DC servo motor controller, the ESCON 50/5 OEM module. This mini OEM plug in module is a four-quadrant pulse width modulated (PWM) servo motor controller that can efficiently control permanent magnet brushed DC motors (PMDC motors) and Brushless DC servo


DC motors intended for positioning applications with tight mechanical dimensions

The voice coil actuators also known as linear DC motors are the simplest type of electric motors to operate. The non-commuted motor construction increases reliability with no cogging. The direct coupling of the motor to the load allows for fast acceleration / deceleration and high speed operation with zero backlash.


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