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Miniature Focus Module and Smart Stage Target Commercial, Industrial OEM

New Scale Technologies, Inc. has significantly increased the lifetime specification for its M3-FS Focus Module and M3-LS Linear Smart Stage. The new specification of >10 million random moves within 1.2 km of total distance traveled...

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Brake module mounts directly to any NEMA 17, 23, 34 or NEMA 42 frame motors

The MPC is a power-off brake module with an output shaft. The unit mounts directly on to a NEMA C-Face servo or stepper motor and the output can also be coupled to a NEMA C-Face gear reducer. This brake is designed to decelerate or hold an inertial load when the voltage is turned off.


Single-phase AC motor controllers feature rated currents up to 20 amperes

AirCare Automation is proud to announce the availability of its new, updated VariPhase Single-Phase AC motor controllers. The new VariPhase units enhanced features that will make speed control of a single-phase PSC motor easier and more consistent.


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