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USB On-The-Go Aimed at Consumer, Mobile Applications

Offering transient voltage suppression (TVS) for USB data and power connections, the D5V0F3B6LP20 diode array introduced by Diodes Incorporated is one of the most rugged protection devices in its class. It is aimed at consumer...

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Circuits designed to be AEC-Q100-compliant

ON Semiconductor Further Strengthens its Portfolio of Automotive Qualified Products M-LVDS driver/receivers for vehicle front lighting are complemented by voltage regulators & extremely low RDS(on) power MOSFETs PHOENIX, Ariz. – August 3, 2015 – ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ON), driving energy efficiency innovations, has introduced an array of new AEC-Q100-compliant integrated circuits (IC...

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36-V monolithic 1-A push-pull DC/DC transformer driver includes programmable duty cycle control

Linear Technology’s (Milpitas, CA) LT3999 monolithic push-pull isolated DC/DC transformer driver includes two 1-A current limited power switches. It is desirable for automotive, industrial, medical and military applications. The programmable duty cycle and turns ratio …

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Wide input DC/DC regulators target smart grid and industrial applications

Renesas Electronics America (Santa Clara, CA) announced 16-V input capable synchronous buck regulators that deliver up to   continuous current to loads at voltages as low as 0.8 V. The new power supply ICs are appropriate for ...

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High precision voltage references offer new options

Intersil Corporation (Milpitas, CA) announced the expansion of its radiation hardened (rad hard) voltage references to include four new devices, the ISL71091SEH10, 20, 33 and 40. Providing voltages previously unavailable for the rad hard space market, according to the company, the new family enables…

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5-A, 15-V 2-phase synchronous boost regulator offers 95 percent efficiency

Linear Technology Corporation (Milpitas, CA) announced the LTC3124, a dual-phase, 3-MHz, current-mode, synchronous boost DC/DC converter with output disconnect and inrush current limiting. According to the company, dual-phase operation significantly reduces …

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Small, 1-A and 4-A buck-boost regulators extend battery life in tight spaces

Texas Instruments (TI) (Dallas, TX) introduced what it asserts are the industry’s smallest and highest performance 1-A and 4-A buck-boost regulators. Designed to extend battery life in Li-Ion battery-powered designs ranging from…

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2-A output buck regulator suits automotive infotainment applications

Allegro MicroSystems, LLC (Worcester, MA) introduced a new automotive 2.0 A buck regulator that is designed to provide the low power supply requirements of next generation car audio and infotainment systems. Allegro’s A8585 device provides…

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Smart-meter ICs maintain accuracy down to standby-power levels for accurate billing

New smart-meter chips from STMicroelectronics (Geneva) are said to enable utility companies to improve billing by measuring accurately down to extremely low power levels. The STPM3 devices prevent such losses by keeping the meter accuracy down to…

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Step-down DC/DC converter includes 60V transient protection

Linear Technology Corporation (Milpitas, CA) announces the LT3667, a 400mA, 40V step-down switching regulator with dual LDO outputs packaged in a 3mm x 5mm QFN or MSOP-16E. The LT3667 offers a highly compact, triple output solution for automotive and industrial applications....

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76-V, 1-A Buck converter has only 12 µA quiescent current

Linear Technology (Milpitas, CA) announced the LTC3637, a 76-V input-capable high efficiency buck converter that delivers up to 1 A of continuous output current. It operates from an input voltage range of 4 V to 76 V, making it appropriate for

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Synchronous forward controller generates secondary bias for controlled VOUT start-up

Linear Technology Corporation (Milpitas, CA)  announced the LT3752/LT3752-1, a high input voltage capable synchronous forward controller with active clamp transformer reset. A controlled VOUT start-up and shut-down is maintained using

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Synchronous buck regulator offers switching frequencies to 1.5 MHz and 95 percent efficiency

Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. (Malvern, PA) expanded its microBUCK family of integrated synchronous buck regulators with a new 4 A device offering high programmable switching frequencies of up to 1.5 MHz and a wide input voltage range of 4.5 V to 15 V. The high switching frequencies

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Control IC reduces part count for high-performance dimming applications

International Rectifier (El Segundo, CA) introduced the IRS2983 control IC for single-stage Flyback and Buck-Boost topologies used in LED drivers and power supplies. The IRS2983 employs primary side regulation that reduces component count and simplifies design by eliminating the opto-isolator and other components necessary for isolated feedback for fixed loads.

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µModule regulator configurable as quad, triple, dual, or single

Linear Technology announces the LTM4644 quad output step-down µModule (micromodule) regulator configurable as a single (16A), dual (12A, 4A or 8A, 8A), triple (8A, 4A, 4A) or quad (4A each) output regulator. This flexibility enables system designers to rely on one simple and compact µModule regulator....

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