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Voltage detectors feature delay function and sense pin

The Torex XC6132, XC6133 and XC6134 families are voltage detectors with delay function and sense pin isolated external hysteresis adjustment. The sense pin is isolated from the power input pin to enable monitoring of the voltage of another power supply. Output can be maintained in ...

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Low-power, low-voltage comparators intended for power-sensitive applications

Touchstone Semiconductor announced the TS9002 dual and the TS9004 quad low power analog comparators plus 1.182-V reference integrated circuits. As an improved, pin-for-pin functional equivalent to the MAX923, the TS9002’s 3.2-µA supply current is 16% lower and its ±0.75% initial accuracy voltage reference is 25% lower....

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Comparators ideal for 3V or 5V single-supply applications

Touchstone Semiconductor announced the TSM921-TSM924, TSM931-TSM934, TSM971-TSM973 and the TSM982/TSM984 series of low voltage, low-power analog comparators. Eleven of the 13 analog comparators feature an integrated 1.182V voltage reference with either ±1% (TSM92x/TSM97x) or ±2% (TSM93x/TSM98x) initial accuracy.

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