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THCV241-Q Chip Is Optimized For Advanced Camera Requirements

The THCV241-Q chip integrates the MIPI CSI-2 interface with THine’s well established V-by-One® HS product family. The new THCV241-Q is optimized for advanced camera requirements including...

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Ka-Band Transceiver Quad Core IC for 5G Communications Markets

Anokiwave Inc., an innovative company providing highly integrated core IC solutions for mmW markets and AESA based solutions, announced the worldwide release of the world’s first commercially available Ka-band transceiver...

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Ultra-Low Power Silicon Network Offers Smart Home Solution

GreenPeak Technologies, one of the world’s leading low power RF semiconductor companies, announced that People Power, an award winning software company offering cloud and mobile services, has launched Presence Security which is built on...

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Core IC Family Designed For Commercial Radar and 5G Communications Markets

Anokiwave, Inc, announced it has extended its X-Band Quad Core IC family with two new ICs for single beam Rx and Tx. This release completes the family of X-band Silicon Radar Quad Core IC solutions for commercial radar and 5G communications markets....

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Low Noise Figure X-Band AESA Core IC Solution

The AWS-0101 is an integrated 4 channel beamformer, LNA, and PA. It supports 4 radiating elements with dual beam Rx, single beam Tx, and includes 6-bit phase and 6-bit gain control. The IC provides a low noise figure in Rx mode allowing for a complete silicon RF solution for commercial AESA systems...

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I/O companions optimized for high-speed automotive infotainment

Microchip Technology Inc. announced the world’s first H.264 video I/O companion integrated circuits (ICs) optimized for the proven and robust Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) high-speed automotive infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) ...

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Radiation-hardened ASICs serve military and aerospace applications

ON Semiconductor (Phoenix, AZ) has entered into a licensing/development agreement with ICs LLC in order to bring application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) to market which are resilient to radiation effects. Radiation hardened by design ...


Gate-drive IC shrinks automotive high-current switching systems while boosting performance

International Rectifier introduced the highly compact AUIR08152S automotive-qualified gate drive IC featuring high output current in excess of 10A that shrinks system size and boosts performance in automotive and industrial high-power switching applications.


Gate drivers offer a wide operating voltage range of 4.5V to 35V

IXYS Integrated Circuits Division announces the immediate availability of the IX4426, IX4427, and IX4428 low-cost dual low-side gate driver ICs.  Each of the IX4426/7/8 outputs are capable of sourcing and sinking 1.5A, and they have a wide operating voltage range of 4.5V to 35V....


Gate-drive IC offers 1.5A sink and source capability

International Rectifier introduced the IRS44273L low-side, gate-drive IC offering high drive capability in a highly compact SOT-23-5L package. The IRS44273L is easy to use and provides a simple solution for IGBT and MOSFET gate drive, offering 1.5A (typical) sink and source capability....


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