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Silicon Active Antenna Quad Core IC Targets 5G Communication Markets

Anokiwave, Inc. announced the expansion of its family of mmWave 5G ICs with the worldwide release of the AWMF-0135, a 24.25-27.5 GHz silicon active antenna quad core IC for 5G communications markets...

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Advanced Wireless-Charging Chip Enables Faster Charging Of Smartphones And Tablets

STMicroelectronics is powering up wireless charging for mobile devices by introducing one of the world’s first chips to support the latest industry standard for faster charging. Nowadays, people are using their...

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Compact Contactless Module Extends Secure Payment To Wearables

STMicroelectronics is delivering the technology for easy and secure contactless transactions using the ever more popular wristbands or fashionwear like watches or jewelry. The market-unique ST53G System-in-Package...

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Telematics And Connectivity Processors Safeguard Automotive Data Exchange

The new Telemaco3P telematics and connectivity processors (STA1385 and its variants) are the first automotive microprocessors to integrate a powerful, dedicated, isolated Hardware Security Module (HSM)...


Optical Connectivity For Smart Antenna Modules

KDPOF now provides their optical connectivity technology for Integrated Smart Antenna (ISA) Modules. An ISA consists of several antennas for signal reception, an Antenna Hub, and an Ethernet connection...

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Radiation-Tolerant Plastic ICs To Power Small Satellite Mega-Constellations

Intersil, a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation, announced the first three members of its new family of radiation-tolerant plastic-package ICs designed to support the emerging field of small satellites...

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Automotive Gigabit Ethernet Plastic Optical Fiber Transceiver Now Available

KDPOF is proud to announce the shipment of the first automotive grade Gigabit Ethernet Plastic Optical Fiber, or POF, (GEPOF) transceiver KD1053 devices to carmakers and their Tier1 suppliers. The first public...

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Low-Voltage Memory Device Reduces Overall Power Consumption

A new 1.8V Serial Quad I/O™ SuperFlash® memory device is now available from Microchip Technology Inc. The SST26WF064C, a low-voltage 64 megabit device, combines Dual Transfer Rate (DTR) with proprietary...


30V, N-Channel NexFET™ Power MOSFETs 8-VSONP -55 to 150

The NexFET power MOSFET has been designed to minimize losses in power conversion applications.


40V, N-Channel NexFET™ Power MOSFET 8-VSONP -55 to 150

This 5.3 mΩ, SON 5 × 6 mm, 40 V NexFET™ power MOSFET is designed to minimize losses in power conversion applications.


Two High-Speed Transceivers With Top Reinforced Isolation

Intersil announced two new high-speed, isolated RS-485 differential bus transceivers that provide 40Mbps bidirectional data communication for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networks. The ISL32741E offers...


Voltage-Controlled Variable Attenuator Operates Over 10 MHz To 1.5 GHz

Skyworks has introduced SKY12239-11, a voltage-controlled variable attenuator (VVA) from our series of broadband, flat attenuation, high third order input intercept point (IIP3) products. The device has been designed...

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Custom Programming Service Extends To Include Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology Inc. has expanded its custom programming service to include AVR® and SAM microcontrollers (MCUs). For the first time ever, users can add their custom code to MCUs from more than 30...

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Buck Regulator Capable Of Supporting Higher Currents

Developers of multi-cell, USB Type-C™ products that need higher current, dual input, and I2C support now have a flexible option with the MAX77756 24V, 500mA, low quiescent current (IQ) buck converter from Maxim...

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Microcontrollers Provide Powerful Performance And Enhanced Security Features

The SAM D5x and SAM E5x microcontroller (MCU) families are now available from Microchip Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHP). These new 32-bit MCU families offer extensive connectivity interfaces, powerful...

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