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Driver Module Ideal for A Variety of End-Products

Bild Innovative Technology LLC is proud to announce the BIT1012A driver module for the eMagin SXGA096 OLED microdisplay (PN EMA-101204-01). Designed with both the system integrator and user...


Circular Polarizer Has 50% Transmission Rate for Increased Display Brightness

American Polarizers, Inc. (API), a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of polarized filters and other optical products, has developed a new circular polarizer filter with a 50% transmission level...

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Display Provides Enhanced Image Quality, Touch Screen Performance

Tianma NLT USA has announced a 5.5-inch TFT-HD (720 x 1280) with On-Cell Touch AMOLED display developed by Tianma Micro-electronics. It is used in mobile phones and other portable electronic devices to achieve high contrast...


128x64 white passive OLED matrix with polarizer display

Microtips Technology is excited to announce our 128x64 white passive matrix OLED, with polarizer display.  We are also excited to be in partnership with Raystar Optronics, Inc...

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OLED displays feature 262K colors

Newhaven Display International Inc.’s (Elgin, IL) full color OLEDs are available in sizes 1.27”, 1.5”, and 1.69”. Featuring 262K colors, these passive matrix displays have a sharper and crisper viewing quality when compared to LCDs because of their rich black levels and 2000:1 contrast ratio....

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OLED display includes total power consumption of 0.5 to 1W

Microtips Technology (Orlando, FL) announces their new 256x64 OLED display. These low-cost, passive-matrix, OLED display modules make a great option for many applications, especially small-size LCDs. With a total power consumption of 0.5 to 1W, this OLED display can be used for handheld and battery operated applications....


OLED display designed for applications with small size LCDs

Microtips Technology is excited to announce our new 8x2” Sunlight Readable OLED display. This low cost passive matrix 8x2 character OLED display modules makes a great option for any application using small size LCDs.


OLED graphic displays feature outline dimensions of 59.0 x 186mm and 62.64 x 25.44 mm

Microtips Technology (Orlando, FL) announces their new 2.0” of 128*32 and 2.26” of 132*32 OLED TAB Graphic displays. These displays have a built-in SSD1305 IC which has the outline dimensions areas of 59.0 x 186mm and 62.64 x 25.44 mm. These OLEDs display modules make a great option for any application....


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