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High-power laser diode driver includes output current from 10 amperes to 450 amperes

IXYS Corporation announced the introduction of the PCX-7500 high-power laser diode driver/current source by its IXYS Colorado division. This instrument provides precision pulsed current with accurate microprocessor-based digital power control.


Single-line ESD protection diode saves board space in portable electronics

Vishay Intertechnology released a new bidirectional symmetrical (BiSy) single-line ESD protection diode for portable electronics in the ultra-compact CLP0603 package. Measuring only 0.6 mm by 0.3 mm with a very low height of 0.27 mm, the VBUS05A1-SD0 offers low capacitance and leakage current for the protection of high-speed data lines against transient voltage signals.


Device integrates MOSFET and diode in one package

Fairchild Semiconductor introduced a family of 100 V BoostPak devices that combines a MOSFET and diode in one package to replace discrete solutions currently used in LED TV/monitor backlight, LED lighting and DC/DC converter applications. By integrating the MOSFET and diode into a single package,

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High-frequency silicon carbide half-bridge module features 1200V blocking

Mouser Electronics announced it is stocking the industry's first SiC MOSFET and SiC Schottky diode combined in a single half-bridge package—the CAS100H12AM1 from Cree. Cree CAS100H12AM1 1200V High-Frequency Silicon Carbide Half-bridge Module is the first commercially available all silicon carbide (SiC) power module.


Silicon diodes offer ‘soft’ switching and low reverse recovery charge

Power Integrations introduced the LQA200 series of 200V diodes. The company’s Qspeed high-performance silicon diodes are based on merged-PIN technology that offers ‘soft’ switching and low reverse recovery charge (Qrr). This unique balance of features enables high-frequency operation and permits the use of small, inexpensive magnetic components....


Power MOSFETs combine fast switching, low gate charge

Advanced Power Electronics Corp. (USA) launched a new series of power MOSFETs in the popular TO-92 through-hole package which is widely used in commercial and industrial applications where PCB space is at a premium.


TVS components protect power, AC/DC and telecom devices

ProTek Devices made available three new transient voltage suppressor (TVS) components to provide voltage surge circuit protection in power supplies, AC/DC devices and telecommunications equipment. The SMAJ5.0CA and SMAJ36A are 400 Watt TVS diodes. The SMBJ5.0A and SMBJ33CA are 600 Watt TVS diodes.


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