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IoT Certificate Management Offers Support Throughout Product Lifecycle

Icon Labs IoT Certificate management solution supports Infineon Technologies’ OPTIGA™ Trusted Platform Module (TPM). The partnership enables device manufacturers to manage PKI certificates throughout the product lifecycle...

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PCB Design Tool Link Design Data Between Electrical And Mechanical Environments

Javelin Technologies has partnered with Altium to offer a new PCB (printed circuit board) design tool. PCBWorks was created specifically for collaboration using SOLIDWORKS® computer-aided design (CAD) software and includes a number of features to link design data between electrical and mechanical...


Sound & vibration ARM module includes free source code

Data Translation announces their first ARM-based vibration measurement module that provides an embedded solution for vibration applications using ARM and Linux. Free source code is provided that can be modified and used without any restrictions. Further examples show how to develop ...

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This design wizard will simplify the design process

RF Wizard has been created for RF Designers, Educators, and Students to greatly simplify the normally complex tasks associated with R.F. and Microwave Amplifier Design for specific Gain and Bandwidth. It also simplifies the design of Matching Interconnection Networks between R.F. Subsystems such as antennas, transmission lines, amplifiers, mixers, etc. Using Smith Charts and utilising a dev...


Software package includes repour speed increases from 2x to greater than 20x

Altium Limited (Sydney, Australia) announces the release of Altium Designer 14.2, the latest update of the DesignVision Award-winning Altium Designer 14. For this release, the emphasis of development was around the use of copper areas on the board.


Software coupling aims to streamline simulation process

Motor Design Limited (MDL) has partnered with CD-adapco to create a link between MDL’s Motor-CAD and CD-adapco’s STAR-CCM+ software.  The collaboration aims to improve the accuracy of a fast analytical approach while simplifying the modeling process of the CFD computation. This will

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Data analysis and graphing software includes redesigned graph axis dialog

OriginLab announced the release of Origin and OriginPro version 9.1. The new version includes a set of features and enhancements that were developed based on customer feedback and industry demand. Origin and OriginPro are used by more than 500,000 registered customers worldwide....


Tool promises to bring 3D design capability to all engineers

Allied Electronics (Allied) and RS Components (RS), the trading brands of Electrocomponents plc announced DesignSpark Mechanical, a new 3D solid modeling and assembly tool that is available to all –free of charge. Developed in conjunction with SpaceClaim, the new easy-to-use DesignSpark Mechanical are intended to...

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Software advancements allow for improved power calculations, design productivity

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation  announced an array of advancements to its software platforms, debuting new versions of Lattice Diamond® and iCEcube2™ design tools.  The updated software prominently features several notable advancements that improve power calculations and design productivity


Software generates motion programs directly from your CAD drawing

CADFusion bridges the gap between part drawings and motion control. Users need only import a vector-based DXF drawing into this easy-to-use environment to see the resulting tool path graphically on CADFusion’s canvas. Part optimization is easy and intuitive with shape re-ordering, feature scaling, and rotational/translational features at your fingertips.

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