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Micro Terminal Blocks Offer Convenient Wiring In Confined Spaces

For convenient wiring in confined spaces along with variable mounting options, Phoenix Contact introduces the new MP 1.5 micro terminal blocks with Push-in connection technology. This new micro block...

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SPTAF 1 Connector Family Features User-Friendly Spring-Lever Options

The new SPTAF 1 connector family from Phoenix Contact features a low-profile body and three user-friendly spring-lever options (IL, EL, LL series). The terminal blocks measure between...

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Junction Blocks to Simplify Connections in the Automation Industry

The industrial automation world is constantly searching for ways to increase installation reliability, speed up the installation process, and reduce downtime. Junction blocks often referred as terminal...

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Terminal Blocks Allow for High Wiring Density

Phoenix Contact introduces PT 2,5/S-QUATTRO terminal blocks. These four-position terminal blocks occupy the same amount of space as the company’s two-position terminal blocks. This allows for a high wiring density...

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Power Turn High-Current Terminals Offer Maximum Wire Sizes From 10 AWG to 250 MCM

Phoenix Contact has expanded its range of Power Turn high-current terminals to include options with maximum wire sizes from 10 AWG to 250 MCM. The terminals make it easy and secure to connect the conductors, using just a standard screwdriver and a single-lever movement....

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10Gig kit terminates larger cable to meet 10Gig standards

Platinum Tools announced its new 10Gig Termination Kit (P/N 90170)...

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SMT PCB terminal block includes wire release

WAGO Corporation's (Germantown, WI) 2059 SMT PCB terminal blocks are appropriate for extremely small LED modules, offering a fast alternative to soldering leads. With a height of 2.7 mm, the 2059 positioned to

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Pluggable, tension-spring connection system provides quick installation and wiring safety

The ZST pluggable, tension-spring connection system from Conta-Clip (Somerset, NJ) features modular and flexible connection technology for quick installation and wiring safety. Using the ZST tension-spring connection, pluggable wiring is possible up to...

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SOIC to DIP adapters offer competitive pricing and lead-free options

Advanced Interconnections Corp. (West Warwick, RI) recently reduced pricing on the 4414 Series SOIC to DIP Adapters. Whether you're battling device obsolescence or need a pluggable device for easy in-field replacement, SOIC to DIP Adapters from Advanced Interconnections now fit your board and your budget....

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Wire, vertical jumpers aim to extend functionality of select terminal blocks

New jumpers provide horizontal and vertical potential commoning for WAGO Corporation's Double-Deck TOPJOB S 2000 Series and X-COM S MINI 2020 Series DIN-rail terminal blocks. Users can vertically common both levels of a double-deck terminal block or multiply potential over several adjacent DIN-rail

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Termination improves mechanical integrity and electrical specs

Coaxicom’s 1-watt 3900X series terminations are designed to minimize reflected power that often impedes transmission quality. Used across a spectrum of multi-port microwave devices including directional couplers, isolators and high-power transmitter applications, terminations absorb energy and prevent RF signals...

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