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Edge Connectivity Suite With Bluetooth 5 Support

Designed specifically for large-scale commercial IoT deployments, Rigado’s latest Edge Connectivity solution is comprised of Bluetooth 5 end-device modules and the Vesta IoT Gateway, which includes cloud-based...

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Memory Holder For Industrial Applications Offers Innovative Features

Designed for industrial HVAC, Refrigeration, SCADA systems, storage facilities, industrial process automation, environmental monitoring, food & beverage monitoring, etc. TCW220 has two analog inputs, with 10-bit resolution...

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White Box Custom Servers, Storage Solutions For Software Defined Infrastructures

Equus Compute Solutions has launched its SDX Platforms line of white box custom servers and storage solutions for cost-optimized software defined infrastructures. The new SDX Platforms will be shown...

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Ethernet Switches For Harsh Environments

Mencom harsh environment industrial Ethernet switches series provide rugged solutions to manage hi-demanding advanced networks under the extreme temperature. Minimum operating temperatures for the...

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Rugged Chassis Holds Up To Six Advanced Mezzanine Cards

VadaTech now offers a 40 GbE rugged 6-slot MicroTCA chassis in a 1U height. The chassis is designed to meet MIL-STD-901D and 810 G for shock and vibration and MIL-STD-461F for EMI. The VT953 extends...


Wireless Gateway Provides Local, IoT Control

The Cortet new E100 Gateway is a very compact, zigbee based wireless Gateway that provides both local and IoT based control for a wide range of lighting devices, accessories, fixtures, controllers, and...

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Advanced Memory And Data Exchange Universal System Boasts Innovative Enhancements

The Memory Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc. announces the AMADEUS - the Advanced Memory and Data Exchange Universal System. The AMADEUS includes the Model 9740 Multi-Port® data...


Durable Enclosures Provide One-Stop Shop For Touchscreen Solutions

By partnering with OKW, H+K is now able to offer their customers a one-stop shop for touchscreen solutions with elegant and durable enclosures, reducing time and money required for product development...

LISTED UNDER: Industrial | Shielded | Flat Panel

Military Driver Vision Aid Extends Field Of View

RFEL will be exhibiting the TRAILBLAZER™ HD-SDI and Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) compliant military driver vision aid at DSEI 2017 on Stand S4-150. TRAILBLAZER™ improves driver and crew...


Computing Platform Handles Many Tasks

Artesyn Embedded Technologies has introduced, MaxCore Micro, a compact computing platform that can handle applications ranging from small cell baseband processing, scalable video streaming/encoding, video surveillance and ‘bump-in-the-wire’ monitoring to industrial computing.

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Interconnect System Supports 56 Gbps Channels

Molex has expanded its zSFP+ Interconnect System to support 56 Gbps PAM-4 channels in a stacked 2xN port configuration, allowing next-generation Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications to receive standout signal integrity.

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Range Extender Optimized For RF Performance

Cortet Z10 Range Extender (CGW-Z-010) is for use various wireless sensor network (WSN), machine-to-machine (M2M), and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The Z10 Range Extender has been optimized for...

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Mini Cards Feature A Large Selection Of Digital I/O Functions

ACCES I/O Products, Inc., is pleased to announce the release of a new family of mini PCI Express (mPCIe) digital I/O cards—the mPCIe-DIO Family with Digital Integration Features. These small, low-priced, PCI...

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Computer Systems Revamped Using Solid State Disk Technology

Reactive Group has acquired Arraid Inc., based in Phoenix, Arizona in the USA. Arraid is a manufacturer of replacement data storage solutions for ageing disk, tape and floppy drives on legacy computer systems...

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Entry-Level Unmanaged Ethernet Switches Offer Reliable And Robust Solutions

Mencom’s entry level DIN-rail-mount unmanaged Ethernet switches offer a reliable, robust, and cost-effective solution to most of the simple network topologies. With IP30 rating, all of the unmanaged switches are...

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