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First Microcontroller With An Integrated 2D Graphics Processing Unit

The 32-bit PIC32MZ DA microcontroller (MCU) family is the industry’s first MCU with an integrated 2D Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and up to 32 MB of integrated DDR2 memory. This combination from Microchip...

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IoT-Enhanced BACnet Gateways, Routers, And Network Explorers

Sierra Monitor Corporation, a provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions that connect and protect high-value infrastructure assets, announced that its industry-leading BACnet...

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New 4.3" Arduino Shields Customized For Touch TFT Display Line

Effortless touch development is obtained with Newhaven Display’s new Arduino Shields customized for their 4.3” capacitive or resistive touch TFT display line. Available in six display variations, these...

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Module Offers Built-in Support For Multiple Wireless Protocols

Redpine Signals has introduced the world’s first wireless microcontroller module with built-in support for multiple wireless protocols including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Classic, Bluetooth Low Energy, and ZigBee. The WiSeMCU modules include the RS10001 – an ultra-small 8.6 x 8.6 mm wireless MCU with single-band Wi-Fi, dual-mode BT, ZigBee, and a 100 MHz ARM Cortex M4. By combining the processor with...

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Boost Arduino MEGA Capability With 512K SRAM Plus True Parallel Bus Expansion

The Arduino MEGA-2560 is a popular and versatile Microcontroller board but with only 8K bytes of SRAM applications of even modest complexity can experience low memory issues. To overcome this limitation SCIDYNE® has developed the XMEM+ that enhances a standard MEGA in two significant ways: By increasing SRAM up to 512K and providing True Parallel Bus Expansion...

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M2M chipset for IoT devices

Redpine Signals announced the availability of a new range of wireless connectivity modules from its M2Mcombo family of products for IoT devices...

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Development boards feature an ARM Cortex-M3 core running up to 180MHz

Three new NXP development boards in the LPC Xpresso family are part of an established and popular toolchain featuring the power of LPC microcontrollers based on ARMs Cortex-M cores. The boards are able to work with most existing LPC Xpresso accessories and Arduino compatible shields to enhance functional capabilities....

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Controllers offer unparalleled J1939/NMEA2000 connectivity

Divelbiss Corporation announces significant upgrades to their P-Series PLC on a Chip based controllers integrating enhanced J1939 / NMEA2000 connectivity options and SD Card data logging. By supporting user configurable messaging, users will now have the freedom to fully implement these communication buses....

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Explorer board ideal for use in motor control applications

The GIZMO Explorer Board is a companion board for the GIZMO 2 platform from GIZMOSPHERE. The board offers features and peripherals that are ideal for use in motor control, human machine interface and control system application designs so users can get their projects started quickly....

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Wireless module enables Internet of Things communication

Microchip Technology Inc. announced the first in a series of modules for the LoRa technology low-data-rate wireless networking standard, which enables Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless communication with a range of more than 10 miles (suburban), a battery life ...

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Motion module includes a simple I2C connection to most MCUs/MPUs

Microchip Technology Inc. announced from the Embedded World conference in Germany the MM7150 Motion Module—which combines Microchip’s SSC7150 motion co-processor combined with 9-axis sensors, including accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope in a small, easy to use form factor....

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Microcontroller family provides closed-loop digital control

Microchip Technology Inc. (Chandler, AZ) announced from Electronica in Germany an expansion of its 8-bit PIC microcontroller (MCU) portfolio, with the peripheral-rich, low-pin count PIC16(L)F161X family. These new MCUs introduce and expand ...

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Module includes an integrated OSBDM

The APS12OS module from Axiom Manufacturing (Richardson, TX) includes an integrated OSBDM, which is compatible with both Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. This module supports the Freescale MC9 S12C128, the MC9 S12DT256 or the MC9S12XDT512 microcontrollers....

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2014 IMPACT Award Winner: LSI Corporation wins for Boards and Modules

Syncro CS from LSI Corporation (San Jose, CA) provides administrators with MegaRAID RAID 5, 6 data protection in the event of a drive failure. In the event of a server failure, Syncro CS delivers shared storage and failover, keeping applications up and running....

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Module provides 512K of program flash

The LEMOS-LMX-WiFi module from Lemos International (Barrington, RI) is based on a Microchip PIC32MX695F512H 32-bit microcontroller coupled with a Microchip MRF24WB0MA WiFi radio. The PIC32MX695F512H contains 512K of program flash. The PIC32MX695F512H is equally capable on the SRAM front....

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