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High linearity, ultra low noise amplifier

RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for a high linearity, active bias, ultra low noise amplifier from Skyworks Solutions...

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RF power amplifier linearizer enables reduced overall BOM costs

RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for Scintera Networks' SC1894 radio frequency power amplifier linearizer (RFPAL). As power amplifiers are driven into saturation they increase in both efficiency and distortion. The SC1894 injects a correction signal at the input of the PA in order to minimize distortion at the output of the PA.

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Linear power amplifiers designed for LTE and WCDMA applications

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. introduces four linear power amplifiers for LTE and WCDMA applications.  The fully matched surface-mount SKY66001-11 (2110 – 2170 MHz), SKY66002-11 (1900 – 2025 MHz), SKY66005-11 (850—920 MHz) and SKY66008-11 (900 – 990 MHz) modules meet the stringent spectral linearity requirements of femtocell applications....

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LNAs offer excellent return loss and unconditional stability

RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for three new Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) from Skyworks Solutions. Targeted towards cellular infrastructure including small cells, tower mounted amplifiers, remote radio units  and repeaters, these three LNAs are footprint compatible with each other and come in a compact, 2x2mm DFN package.


Variable-gain amplifier provides best-in-class linearity and high output power

M/A-COM Technology Solutions introduced at the ANGACOM 2013 Exhibition and Congress a highly linear, two-stage differential amplifier for DOCSIS3.1 reverse path infrastructure applications. The MAAM-011122 is an integrated two stage differential variable gain amplifier designed specifically for CATV head-end....


GaN-based amplifier features 100W of WGS linear power

Comtech Xicom Technology introduced a compact and highly efficient GaN-based amplifier for X-band MILSATCOM service. Model XTSLIN-100X-B1 features 100W of WGS linear power in a compact, rugged thirty-two pound package.


AC/DC linear power supply provides a tightly regulated ±15 Volt output

Calex Mfg. Co. announces the Model 22-100 Linear Power Supply. The 22-100 provides a tightly regulated ±15 Volt output providing ±100mA of output current. The output noise for the 22-100 is low, 2mV RMS, making the unit ideal for powering sensitive analog circuitry.


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