Kyntronics (Cleveland, OH), has developed a patent-pending SMART Hydraulic Actuator (SHA)– a development in ‘power-on-demand’, servo-controlled, variable speed actuation. 

Kyntronics SHA is fully engineered as a standard modular product. This all-in-one system combines the key benefits of an electronic servo system with the power density of hydraulics. The flexible system can be oriented in any position and features a compact footprint–combining the power to weight ratio advantage of hydraulic technology with the versatility, ease of installation, and control of electric servo technology.

This true, ‘all-in-one’ actuation solution is powered by a servo motor that drives a hydraulic pump which generates pressure to act on a cylinder to provide optimal mechanical actuation force.The configuration also features a servo drive controller, actuator, manifold, and built-in transducers–providing essential closed-loop precision force and position control. Fieldbus capabilities include Ethernet, CAN, & Serial.

A notable key benefit of the system is the way the differential volume is accounted for between a cylinder’s cap and rod ends. To compensate for this differential, the hydraulic cylinder includes an outer low-pressure cylinder with a second inner high-pressure cylinder–creating a chamber between the two.

Ultimately, the uniquely engineered product delivers high force density in a small footprint with precision, while offering superior “power-on-demand’ energy efficiency–only running when needed.

Design Configuration:

MODULARITY: The modular configuration provides millions of product combinations while minimizing inventory and allowing assembly to individual application specifications–reducing lead time vs. custom solutions. The modular system starts with a servo motor driving a pump– eliminating the need for a proportional directional valve because the motor controls flow rate and direction.

RELIABLITY: Hydraulic actuators are well known to outlast all other actuation solutions. There is no metal-to- metal wear points vs. roller or ball screw actuators. With the self-contained SHA, the fluid cannot become contaminated from external sources, these systems can run >100 million inches compared to <20 million for the Electrical-Mechanical actuators. 

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: The Kyntronics SHA combination of hydraulics/electric servo far exceed traditional systems, and ‘power-on-demand’ capabilities deliver an efficient (60%-80%) method of converting electrical power to mechanical power. The SHA also features a variable-speed pump that saves energy–with less heat and noise. 

SMALL FOOTPRINT / ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE: High force in a compact package. Standard ‘drop-in’ solution–simply connects to power & I/O (or network) and can be oriented in any position–eliminating hoses and potential leaks.

NO HYDRAULIC INFRASTRUCTURE:  Eliminates the need for a central hydraulic power unit, flex hoses, piping, or extra connections–fewer components and no leaks translate into substantial savings.

ROD-VOLUME COMPENSATING MECHANISM: Patent-pending mechanism compensates for the differential volume between the cylinder’s rod and cap end volumes, as the piston rod extends and contracts. It features closed cell foam that is wrapped around the inner pressure cylinder. To compensate for the difference in volume, the hydraulic cylinder includes an outer low-pressure cylinder with a second inner high-pressure cylinder, which creates a chamber between the two. This chamber features compressible foam which serves the same purpose as an accumulator in conventional systems. 

DRIVE CONTROLLER: A pre-engineered attached controller is a standard option. The controller is properly sized for the application and is pre-configured and tested at the factory to reduce set-up time and eliminate programming.