Sensirion now offers an ultra-low power gas sensor SGPC3. The SGPC3 makes indoor air quality sensing available for mobile and battery-driven applications. With an average supply current of less than 0.07 mA the SGPC3 is able to provide indoor air quality measurements with several years of battery lifetime. Based on Sensirion’s SGP multi-pixel platform the SGPC3 offers a complete gas sensor system integrated into a very small 2.45 x 2.45 x 0.9 mm3 DFN package featuring I2C interface and a fully calibrated and humidity-compensated air quality output signal.


  • Ultra-low power (0.065 mA) and low power (1 mA) air quality sensor
  • Total VOC up from 0 to 60,0000 ppb
  • Humidity compensation
  • Supply voltage: 1.62 to 1.98 V
  • 6-pin DFN package 2.45 x 2.45 x 0.9 mm
  • I²C 1.8 V Interface
  • Sampling rate: 30s (ultra-low power), 2s (low power mode)