LORD Sensing, MicroStrain has released a new and higher performing digital output version of its signal conditioners for displacement customers. The new Demod-DIGITAL provides the marketplace with up to 50 times increase in resolution and accuracy in a plug-and-play system. Existing sensors can be upgraded with a simple factory recalibration in their current applications.   

“With a better than 50,000:1 signal to noise ratio, the performance of this system is the equivalent of resolving one inch out of an entire mile,” said Tom Leamon, Engineering Manager for Displacement Products.

Already established in the marketplace, Demod-DIGITAL is designed to monitor small but critical deflections in many applications. It has proven to be an enabling technology in consumer electronic products as part of a production test system that measures enclosure expansion due to temperature. The Demod-DIGITAL linearizes the sensor output using a 100-point linear interpolation that is preprogrammed and calibrated at the factory. This output is provided in millimeters as both an analog signal (0-10V) and serial RS232 (RS485 optional). Further, it works with SensorConnect to graph and log data as well as SensorCloud for data storage.

Key features include:

  • Digital Output requires no conversion to displacement.
  • Ability to log and visualize data, while performing basic statistical analysis in real-time without custom software.
  • With purchase of new Demod-DIGITAL, existing customers can immediately see a 10 to 50 times increase in sensor performance.