The VT882 is a 2U MTCA chassis that provides eight extended-size/full-size and/or mid-size AMC slots that can accept any AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.3 and/or AMC.4 modules. It provides TCLKA, TCLKB, TCLKC and TCLKD as well as FLCLKA to each slot in addition to the JTAG signals. It also contains capability for full redundancy by having a redundant MCH, Power Modules, as well as redundant Cooling Units for high availability. Option for redundant/non-redundant clock is per MTCA specification.

Features include:

  • High-speed routing on 26 layers (40G capable)
  • High-speed MTCA connectors (12.5 GHz)
  • Ports 2-15 and 17-20 routed locally (not via a switch), ideal for FPGA modules communicating over low-latency protocol
  • Ports 0 and 1 routed to GbE switches
  • JTAG Switch Module (JSM) slot per MTCA specification
  • Transparent communication between the front JTAG port and the selected AMC device
  • Can be used with the Ethernet Virtual Probe capabilities of VadaTech’s 3rd generation MCH, the UTC004

For more information, please visit their website.