Wave-2-Wave has released ROME, a robotic optical switch offering dynamic fiber cross connect capability at layer one. The device established physical fiber connections that are formed automatically, remotely, quickly, and without on-site manual intervention. With its pair of main models, ROME offers two different types (and quantities) of fiber connections— ROME 250 (256 fiber connections), and ROME 500 (512 fiber connections).

Data center operators will benefit from mitigated CAPEX and OPEX, along with better reliability, security, and future-proofed critical infrastructure. The ROME product line is the first of its kind to deliver the reliability of a manual connectivity product that offers benefits of remote control and automation, at the same time. ROME also delivers superior optical performance, has a low insertion loss, is completely transparent for transporting protocol, wavelength, and signal rates. The device also has the capability to be integrated with software-defined networking (SDN) or network management software.

The device is ideal for data center operators, telcos, companies with varying degrees of IT infrastructure, and large technology test labs. ROME is designed in a 19-inch rack mount chassis with significantly increased density. ROME can be used in a variety of environments and applications that include data center architecture, spine and lead configuration, lab automation, central office and/or remote site management, FTTx- remote provisioning, testing, troubleshooting, and grooming.

Key Features

  • Automated fiber patch panel
  • Remote reconfiguration
  • Single/Multi-mode
  • No electronic latency
  • All optical-low optical loss
  • CLI interface
  • Bitrate and wavelength independent
  • Patented mechanical latching technology
  • Redundant, hot-swappable power supply