Omnify Software, a leading provider of web-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software for discrete manufacturers, announces the immediate availability of its next-generation Empower PLM product, version 7.0. This product release highlights Omnify’s dedication to delivering feature-rich, yet easy to use solutions for its customers. Version 7.0 was re-designed on a new technology platform offering an enhanced User Experience (UX) with a modern interface, simplified navigation and overall improved ease of use.

The Omnify Empower PLM solution provides a central location to electronically manage parts, Bill of Materials (BOMs), Engineering Changes/ECOs, Documents, Projects, Quality/CAPAs, and Training Records. Version 7.0 offers all of the functionality of the existing system with many enhancements.

Key Omnify Empower 7.0 product updates include:

  • Improved User Experience: Empower 7.0 leverages the latest browser technology to provide users with an enhanced experience by delivering an updated look and feel, improved navigation, independent scrolling slide-out panels, and extended User Interface (UI) options.
  • New Security Features: Omnify Empower offers both on-premises and hosted deployment options. New security features have been added for both our On-Premises and Hosted/SaaS customers, including an improved password framework with new retrieval options and an extended authentication platform that supports more Single Sign-On (SSO) methods and providers (LDAP, OAuth, SAML, etc.)
  • New Design Upload Wizard: CADKit, Empower’s design integration tool, includes a new Design Upload Wizard to help guide engineers when uploading design data from 3rd party tools. The upload utility will automatically recognize any changes and apply the redlines to new or existing Changes/ECOs.
  • New Silicon Expert Interface: A new integration between Silicone Expert and Omnify Empower will supply users with detailed part information when creating new, corporate parts/part numbers and maintain a direct link to Silicon Expert to deliver the latest component information on those parts within Empower 7.0.
  • New Technology Platform: Empower 7.0 is built on a REST (Representational State Transfer) services platform to enhance the integration framework for 3rd Party systems with additional functionality, improved performance, and to simplify future integrations.

“FACTS Engineering has utilized and depended on Omnify for controlling the development and sustainability of our products for over eight years,” stated Rick Walker, Vice President of FACTS Engineering. “We are always excited to receive Omnify’s upgrades, rather than dreading them as we do with some other software providers, because we know that each new release offers more functionality, while remaining extremely easy to use.” Mr. Walker continued that, “the team at Omnify listens to our feedback and suggestions for new features as we see them implemented in the new product releases like 7.0.”

“As with all product updates, the enhancements made to this product release are a direct result of customer requests,” stated Chuck Cimalore, CTO for Omnify Software. “Empower PLM 7.0 is a pivotal release because it establishes a technology platform that will help us to more easily enhance our product with new features and integrations that customers require.”

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(Image Credit: Omnify Software)