The Olympic games just drew to a close [1]; it’s been an exciting time to be a citizen of the world. Watching them is always inspiring and energizing to me. It’s motivation to go to the gym, learn something new, or revisit my own goals. Saving energy has always been an important goal for me, but it can be easy to lose be less mindful of it as I go about my daily life. Why not use this time to set some new energy goals for yourself, or to revisit the some old habits.

Remind yourself of the little things you do every day to save energy, the habits that might have gotten a little lax with time. Do you still turn off the lights when you leave a room [2]? Do you unplug appliances and power cords when they aren’t in use [3]?

Then set some new goals for yourself. Try to see how much you can reduce your energy bill for the month. Set a goal of carpooling a certain number of days a week. Setting new goals for yourself is a great refresher to get you back on the road to saving energy.

While we still have the games on our minds, turn saving energy in your home into a game. Make a friendly competition out of finding areas in your home that could be wasting energy. If you have kids, so who can keep the lights out the most in their room. As a family, come together at night for board games or outdoor activities that don’t involve television or other electronics.

And speaking of the Olympics, challenge yourself to use your own power for transportation by walking or biking to a couple of events per week. Not only will you feel more like an athlete, you’ll win gold for saving energy.

Amanda McAlpin works for New West Technologies supporting the Vehicle Technologies Program at the U.S. Department of Energy.