In the coldest parts of winter, we've turned our thoughts toward the best seasonal tips, conservation of water and lighting power, and what's new in 2012. If you've missed any of January's posts, here's a recap.

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Home Maintenance Tracker commented on Have You Found Any Energy-Efficient Bargains? [14]: "LED lights are also more durable than traditional lights. We all know how frustrating it can be for one light to break and shut down the rest of the string."
king singh commented on Musings on Water (and Power) [10]: "It takes about 1.75 gallons of water washed down the drain for the first hot water to arrive at the showerhead in the bathroom on the top floor, and only one gallon to the showerhead in the bathroom on the lower floor. Assuming five showers a week per person for 50 weeks (the rest of the time is at the gym or on vacation), that’s 250 showers times .75 gallon wasted per person annually, What a great calculation"
Mike commented on New Years Revolutions [11]: "1. Use the travel mug I bought last year every time I buy coffee so I'm not using unneeded paper/plastic/styrofoam cups.
2. Try to be more conscious of the things I do daily that have an impact on the environment like turning water off while brushing my teeth or soaping up in the shower, etc.
3. Replace more bulbs with LEDs."