It's officially winter, and we hope you're all staying safe and warm through the holiday season! For our December recap, we're including a few highlights from 2011.

2011 Highlights

  • Lighting Choices to Save You Money [1]: This new section tells you what you need to know about the most energy-efficient lighting on the market today. You'll also find information on the new Lighting Facts label, FAQs, and how to measure light using lumens instead of watts.
  • Save Money infographic on Facebook [2]: This fun, interactive, and informative infographic includes images, videos, quizzes, and energy saving tips.
  • Energy Efficiency Tax Credits and Other Incentives [3]: Don't forget to check here for federal, state, and local incentives to help offset the cost of purchasing energy efficient products and renewable energy for your home.

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Comment Spotlight

Gayle commented on We’ve Got Saving Energy All Wrapped Up [14]:"I like to find magazine articles that are encouraging and highlight points then place them in the card I am giving. But had not thought about ways for wrapping, I liked this article, thank you"
Sav commented on Unleashing the Power of Entrepreneurs to Solve Our Energy Challenges [15]:"I also think energy oriented businesses should receive some help from the government. In terms of building materials we are far behind our European friends. Especially the insulation sector could use some more competition. In addition, solar systems are in use for many decades in Europe but we lag behind for some reason. It's a huge waste of energy to heat using electricity and we should encourage young entrepreneurs to find new technologies that will put the US back to a leader position in this field"