September is a month full of changes: it marks the switch from summer to fall, and from vacation to school. But it also means something really exciting - the DOE Solar Decathlon! We've been tracking the event and showing you what's going on over the past couple of weeks. See what's been happening on the blog:

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  • Solar Decathlon 2011 [1]: The event runs Sept. 23 - Oct 2 in West Potomac Park in Washington D.C. Check it out if you have a chance!
  • The seasonal switch to fall [2] has begun on Energy Savers. Read our tips to help you get prepared for saving energy and money in the cooler weather.

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Comment Spotlight

  • Recycle Gal commented on See you Friday at the Solar Decathlon? [17]: "This is a fantastic way to build awareness, sounds like the event will be educational and fun! Would love to do something like this."
    And Tony commented: "I think this is a tremendous initiative from the Department and it is good to see that the young participants are putting everything into creating designs for today. I would like to see similar initiatives here in Australia and I will apply pressure to the Australian Government, through my web site, to encourage innovative design and construction along these lines. I hope that this is something I will see with some regularityand I take my hat off to you at the US Department of Energy."
  • Nirupama commented on Are You Interested in a Clean Energy Career? [18]: "I have a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and am working with a nonprofit to help small businesses become energy efficient by conducting comprehensive energy audits. I also have experience with using energy modelling tools, benchmarking, billing analysis. I have good knowledge of the incentive programs for the state and the city. I'm looking to work for a contractor as an Energy Engineer."