April has been a busy month for Energy Savers! The biggest draw was Earth Day, which we celebrate all month on the blog and website. Here's a recap of April along with a few other tidbits:

New or Noteworthy on Energy Savers

  • The Earth Day 2011 Animation was released last week just in time for the big day. The animation includes three scenes—Your Home, Your Community, and Energy Sources—that you can explore to learn more about saving energy and money. Check it out: Energy.gov/earthday [1]
  • Curious about the results of the State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program? We have published a special fact sheet highlighting the program's energy and cost savings across the country. Read more about the fact sheet [2] or PDFdownload it [3].

On the Blog, In Case You Missed It…

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Comment Spotlight

  • Rich wrote on Sustainable Design Inspiration at Work [9]: Other energy saving tactics we could all use in the office: Don't forget to fill your kettle with just enough water for the number of hot drinks you are making; Only print stuff if you really have to, these days emails can be used as legal documentation; Use super-fast energy saving hand dryers in the toilets; Wear more clothing if you are cold (don't turn the heating up); I'm sure there are many more but I can't think of any others off the top of my head right now!
  • Robert wrote on Fuel Economy Fact and Fiction [10]: In the same size or even larger vehicle, diesel will get 50 percent or better fuel economy. For the mathematically challenged, have someone calculate how much less it will cost you to drive a diesel over the explosive Gasoline. Yes, 1000 or more people a year burn to death in a probable walk away accident. Wouldn't you like to drive a Taurus, Malibu or Camray that got 50 MPG.. Get a diesel. Tell your ignorant dealers you want a diesel. Don't drive at 85 MPH on the highways. Diesel engines last 300,000 and more miles because diesel fuel is a light oil similar to Kerosine. Protect your family. Buy a diesel.

Andrea Spikes is a communicator at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which assists EERE in providing technical content for many of its websites.