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  • Time is running out for tax credits for energy efficiency [3]! Credits are available for improvements that are placed in service by December 31, 2010. Other improvements, including solar, wind, and geothermal heat pumps, are eligible for tax credits through 2016.
  • We've added info on LED lighting [4]. Find out more about this rapidly-evolving technology and what kinds of products [5] are available now—including holiday lights [6].
  • Take a look at the new "Energy 101—Home Energy Checkup" video on our Home Energy Assessments [7] page.
  • Our Stay Warm, Save Money [8] seasonal site has tips for keeping warm!

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Comment Spotlight

Julia S. commented on "What Steps Do You Take to Use Less Water? [20]": In the winter, it takes a little bit before warm water makes it to the bathroom faucet. Instead of running the tap and losing the colder water to the drain, I keep a bottle or basin handy to catch the cool water until the temp. becomes desirable. The cool water I can then reuse for my houseplants or in the laundry room for cold wash laundry loads. Speaking of laundry - I take care of both hand wash-only items and normal laundry loads at the same time to save on water. Usually after hand washing lightly soiled items, the soapy water still has washing potential (and detergent, to add). I then add that water to a ready load of laundry, which means the washer doesn't have to "fill up" from empty."
Blake L. commented on "Schools Move Forward with Idle Reduction [18]": "I have never heard of these types of "no-idling" programs, but I like what I've read! These programs are an awesome way to get children involved at a young age to care about the environment. Hopefully this sort of direction will lead to a environmentally responsible generation. The simple message children can bring can also go a long way to changing the habits of hard-headed adults, and help them understand what they are doing by idling their vehicles. These programs should be implemented in all major school districts around the country. It is a great idea and one that is working to reduce pollution now, and also training a generation for the future."

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