It's nearly Thanksgiving, the second of the "big" holidays that break up the last three months of the year. One of the most common family traditions is listing the things for which we are thankful. These are mostly items such as "family," "friends" or "good health." (I'm particularly thankful for the birth of my daughter back in February.)

But let's think about something else for which we can be thankful.

We live in a time where improvements in technology make it possible to live a happy, healthy, and productive life while using less and less energy. Isn't that something for which we should give thanks? I know I'm glad my electricity bill isn't sky-high.

We also see great things in terms of renewable energy. Installed wind power is way up, as is solar [1]. We're making strides in offering "green" power throughout the nation, giving consumers the choice of buying green energy [2] and supporting our mission. Our stakeholders represent a new frontier [3] in job creation, from weatherization to renewable manufacturing and installation to energy efficient retrofitting. And, after 30-plus years, "green" is finally cool.

What's not to be thankful for, in this list?

Thanksgiving is a time to share with our families and friends, as well as a time to reflect on all that we have. Let's take a moment over the next few days and think about how lucky we are—we live in a time that would have seemed like science fiction to our grandparents, when many of our biggest challenges are being faced and overcome. There are big challenges remaining but the Pilgrims faced even bigger challenges…and look where we are today, four hundred-some years later.

Just imagine what our children and grandchildren will list, when asked "for what things are you thankful?"

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Drew Bittner is a former Presidential Management Intern (PMI) and the Web content manager for EERE's corporate Web pages.