(Photo: Comcast)

Comcast has added additional push notification features to xFi so users can now get more real-time alerts about their home WiFi network directly on their smartphones and TV screens.

“We’re always looking for ways to give xFi users more awareness and control over what’s happening on their home networks,” Eric Schaefer, SVP and general manager of data and mobility services, wrote in a blog post about the new features.

Through the X1 platform, Xfinity customers can receive a notification when a new device has joined the home network, when the WiFi network name or password has been changed, or if the network’s IP address has changed.

Xfinity’s home WiFi networks are set to be password protected by default, but authorized users have the option to change the setting so no password is needed. Now customers will get a notification if that happens. The same goes for changes to visibility settings of the network, as some people, especially those living in densely populated areas, choose to “hide” their WiFi network’s name. If the network becomes “unhidden” or the setting changes, users will know about it.

“Even without notifications enabled, customers can always keep tabs on new devices connecting to their home network as well as monitor any activity which could impact access to their network through the xFi Notification Center,” Schaefer wrote.

Comcast said it’s working on additional new xFi features, which will be announced in upcoming blog posts.