Advanced RF Technologies this week demonstrated new and upgraded features for its public safety connectivity equipment at the International Wireless Communications Expo in Orlando.

The company made major updates to its FiRe product, which features a DAS head end and repeater combination built into one device. An ADRF spokesperson said that by building the components into one system, total cost of ownership decreases by as much as 40 percent compared to traditional DAS and repeater models.

ADRF’s public safety products, FiRe-78-4 and PSR-789544, now support up to 32 narrowband channels in order to meet requirements from local jurisdictions and accommodate AHJ stands that can vary throughout the U.S.

The new features were specifically designed in order to comply with stricter state-level requirements, such as those in California, Florida and Washington, D.C.

ADRF added that the repeaters will be able to offer public safety connectivity for various indoor and outdoor scenarios, but will also be able to conform to nearly any state or region’s specific requirements.

The upgraded products are FirstNet-ready, IFC and NFPA 2016 compliant and meet NFPA and IP66 code standards.

"Our public safety solutions are built to provide connectivity during emergencies in all venues, both indoor and outdoor, or private and public," said Julie Song, president of ADRF, in a statement. "At IWCE, we're highlighting our most innovative new features for building owners and managers, demonstrating how they can keep both citizens and first responders safe in the direst of situations."

The new repeaters will be commercially available in the spring of 2018.